Emilio Fraile is an independent photojournalist based in Mexico City, Mexico. 
A native of Spain Emilio has worked for more than ten years as Chief photographer and Photo Editor of ‘La Opinión-El Correo de Zamora’, the leading newspaper on the region, covering breaking news, features and wide variety of subjects.
Emilio’s work has been published by national and international papers. His reportage ‘Agbogbloshie, cemetery 2.0’ on an electronic dump site in Accra (Ghana) was published in The Wall Street Journal in 2015. The pictures shot briefly after an earthquake hit the Italian village of Amatrice were used by The Associated Press, and published world wide. One of his last reportages topic denounces the conditions of Lunik IX, a neighborhood of Kôsice, Slovaquia, were 6,500 people live under the discrimination of rascism.